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what we do

In-Store Music Distribution

We provide our amazing rights-included music to our extensive In-Store Music Operators Network in 26 countries Worldwide. If you are looking for a reliable content partner - contact us.

Background Music & Playlists

We provide cutting-edge music and playlist solutions for brands in every possible industry like Retail, Hospitality, Restaurants, Fashion, Fitness, Events and many more.

Music Licensing

Do you need a music for your film, advertising, event or online video? We’ve got you covered, with our extensive rights included (royalty free music) library you will find suitable and affordable solution for any type of project.

Branded Releases

Building your brand image by connecting with your target audience thru music. We will create unique music compilation with your branding and release it commercially at all major outlets starting from Spotify and Apple Music to YouTube.

Royalty Free

Our music catalog does not require any payments to traditional collecting societies like (GEMA, PRS/PPL, ZAiKS.).

High Quality

Produced and mastered in professional studios our music meets highest industry standards.


We work super closely with the most talented music creators around the world who create for us awesome songs exclusively.


With our service, you can save up to 50% of your royalty payments and forget about hassle with paperworks.

how does it work

We are Independent Management Entity officially registered in Polish Ministry of Culture. Through direct licensing agreements signed with the independent copyright holders – artists, songwriters, musicians, record labels and music publishers – we make our music catalogue available and 100% pre-cleared for public performance around the world.

This means that the music we provide is not registered with a Performance Rights Organizations and therefore not subject to Public Performance Royalties.

Our music

We provide carefully selected and fully pre-cleared music. Our music team follow the modern trends in music and sign only the best songs in order to boost your sales, help you improve customer satisfaction and brand enhancement.



Dance Pop

Deep House


Bossa Nova



You can check more of our music samples at our Soundcloud page.

Sample Packs

Discover Rainbow Sounds

Rainbow Sounds is an established sound design label, mainly characterized by its diversity. Get ready to discover the best variety of genres and resources in an incredibly versatile sample library, and, of course, top quality at all levels. Rainbow Sounds is all about producers and beatmakers creating amazing content.

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