Music Creator FAQ

Non-exclusive agreement is very flexible solution for the artist. You can maximize your revenue stream by working with many licensing companies like Faded Media.

Promote your music for free in hundreds corporate/in-store radios for free! We will make sure that your music will be heard by millions of people.

We split our revenue with the artists on fair base 50/50 and you remain full control of your music.

Please send a short introduction and a link to a few of your best tracks (spotify, soundcloud) to our music manager –

No. We are interested in cooperation with an independent artists, labels, publishers with the music NOT SIGNED to any PRO/CMO around the world (PRS, GEMA, BUMA, ZAiKS, ect..) except BMI and ASCAP.

Moreover we are looking only for a high quality music with commercial potential.

No. We accept only music which can be directly licensed. It’s non-signed music or music signed with BMI and ASCAP.

Music User FAQ

Yes. We have a direct license agreements with the hundreds of independent artists, labels and publishers where both licensing and performance fees covered.*

* Please note that in certain jurisdictions (such as, for example, in Belgium, France, Spain, Argentina and Hungary) public performance and/or neighbouring rights are mandatorily handled by collecting societies/performance rights organisations (PROs) under local law and other applicable regulations. In such instances, the customer is responsible for any fees and for making such payments to the collecting societies/PROs.

Direct License – means that music is provided directly by the rightsholders without necessity of payments to any intermediates like collective management organizations. Faded Media ensure that each rightsholder are fairly compensated.

No doubt’s that commercial music is cool. But usually royalties payments for such music are much higher and instead of paying one fee for everything you should be a few different fees for licensing and public performance to your local collection socjety. Also, according to recent studies unknown music are more effective in commercial environments, as it is not distracting customer.

With the royalty-free music provided by Faded Media, you don’t need to pay any authors’ rights or neighbouring rights when you play music in a public space. These music royalties are included in to the price.

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