about us

In Faded Media we believe that hearing is the most important human ability. That’s why it’s so important for us to select right music, which will reach human emotions.

What is Faded Media

We are Independent Management Entity formally recognized 
by Polish Ministry of Culture. We own and control 100% Royalty-Free direct licensed music catalogue created specially for In-Store purposes.
Our sole purpose is to provide simple and affordable solution with all rights included.

for who

how does it work

Through agreements signed directly with the copyright holders – artists, songwriters, record labels, music publishers and musicians – FADED MEDIA makes available musical content 100% cleared for public performance, being solely responsible for copyright payments. We work super closely with most talented musicians around the world to create awesome tracks suitable for any kind of In-store locations.

Royalty Free

Most of our catalogue is produced by musicians who is not signed with any PRO’s and CMO’s around the world.

no reports

With our music you don’t have to fill cue sheets and report about usage to your local PRO.

High Quality

Produced and mastered in professional studios our music meet most highest industry standards.

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