In-Store Music

We are one of the biggest music content suppliers for In-Store Radio’s and In-Store music providers in Europe. As Independent Management Entity, our sole purpose is to help artists to promote their music and in the same time to create alternative source of revenue for them.

Why Direct Licensing is better? Performance Rights Organizations distributes the amounts collected in commercial establishments through a sampling of songs most played by commercial radios. This means that a huge number of songwriters, performers and musicians don’t receive the royalties due, although their music have been played in those establishments.

We require full music usage reports from our clients. Thanks to that we are able to provide fair and direct payments to our music creators, based on the use of music in the client’s playlists.

Record Label

Our music label Rainbow music – it’s a home for a modern and creative music. We select the best music from our Publishing catalogue and release it globally on the best platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube and many more. We accept demos from independent artists for future releases.

Mixing and Mastering

Do you feel that your song is great but needs some boost in terms of quality? Our award-winning sound engineers help you with professional and affordable mixdown and mastering services.


Our talented in-house graphic designer will create for you an amazing artwork for your next release.

Stay tuned!

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