In-Store Music Distribution

We work closely with the dozens of In-Store music providers in 26 countries worldwide in order to ensure that their clients will have top quality and relevant music.


We represent thousands of songs from independent artist and labels.


We provide a cost saving solution for you and your clients.


Licensing – it’s easy. Our license cover both licensing and public performance fees.*

Branded Releases

Branded Releases is a modern way of your brand’s product placement.

Build your brand image by connecting with your target audience thru music. We will create unique music compilation with your branding and release it commercially at all major outlets like Spotify, YouTube Music and Apple Music.

Branded releases it’s an innovative way to connect and keep fans loyal to your brand. Monthly selections taken from your stores playlists can be released in the form of monthly branded compilations. The visual part of music release will work as a reminder for your customers and can attract new clients.Our in-house graphic designer and music manager will take care about the right branding and relevant music selection.

Background Music & Playlists

We provide cutting-edge music and playlist solutions for brands in every possible industry like Retail, Hospitality, Restaurants, Fashion, Fitness, Events and many more.

Together with our international partners we’ve implemented our content and playlist solutions among various brands.

Music Licensing

Do you need a music for your film, advertising, event, on-hold or online video? We’ve got you covered, with our extensive rights included (royalty free music) library you will find suitable and affordable solution for any type of project.

Instead of stock music companies we prefer a boutique licensing approach. We like to work close with the client on each case in order to ensure that the best result achieved and the client needs fulfilled.

* Please note that in certain jurisdictions (such as, for example, in Belgium, France, Spain and Hungary) public performance and/or neighbouring rights are mandatorily handled by collecting societies/performance rights organisations (PROs) under local law and other applicable regulations. In such instances, the customer is responsible for any fees and for making such payments to the collecting societies/PROs.

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